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A Soon employee scheduling board with shifts and workload

Good schedules help you reach your goals

Team scheduling usually starts off in a spreadsheet. Becomes a chore for someone who never signed up for it. And generally becomes a chore for the team. With Soon you can turn this around and make a great schedule your secret ingredient for success. We help you get rid of business bottlenecks. Add structure to your employee schedules. And make you a more productive team.

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Schedule your team with ease. We've made our software so anyone can use it without experience.


Boost team engagement while scheduling together. Get more done in less time and with better results.

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From simple to complex. Soon fits into your workflow, even when your team grows and things change.

Shift management

Schedule without spreadsheets

Soon brings you a new approach to shift scheduling. We group shifts together in event cards. These help you find the best match between your employees and shifts. On top of that, they let your team communicate about things related to their shifts.

Soon event cards with people scheduled

Your window into your team’s daily activities

Soon Workload gives your team a clear visual overview of who’s doing what, and what’s coming up next. Make sure your team is aligned, activities adequately staffed and prioritized, and team members aren't over or underworked — all in one view.

Soon workload management board power-up
Board management

Boards bring information together

Soon’s boards are the smart workspace where scheduling happens. Boards centralize all necessary information and communication related to your schedule and let you manage and monitor your planning through multiple stages.

Schedule boards
Calendar integration

Google Calendar

Automatically sync all your events, activities, and leave requests with your Google Calendar account in real-time. Stay in sync and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Logo Soon and Google Calendar

Don't just take our word for it

Want to see what others say before you dive in? Here are just a few of the many people who have new scheduling superpowers.

Knab servicedesk manager headshot
"Soon drastically reduced the time spent on our planning process. The shift leaders are in total control, the team members appreciate the ease of use and management loves the improved collaboration and statistics at hand to drive the business."
Floris Wakka
Lead service| Knab
KvK manager headshot
"We wanted to give our employees the autonomy to schedule and organise themselves. Soon allowed us to empower our support team, and changed the way we were able to help our customers"
Linda Bode
Project Manager & Entrepreneur advice | kvk
Director at LYNX headshot
"Soon has simplified the effort to make a solid and well-organized schedule for LYNX. The different shifts of the various departments are clearly displayed, and the ease with which colleagues can view their schedule is a real improvement. The implementation of Soon was self-evident and flawless."
Tycho Schaaf
director | lynx
Female headshot TNW
"For event managers Soon simplistically allows you to schedule and communicate with staff/volunteers effectively and efficiently. No more nightmare excel spreadsheets."
Arlette Wisniewski
Senior Events manager | TNW
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effortless scheduling

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