Soon vs. MS Shifts
Soon vs Microsoft shifts

Reasons why brands choose Soon over Microsoft Shifts

As your team grows the need for better scheduling increases. Shifts in Microsoft Teams is a great place to start when you replace a spreadsheet schedule. When it takes too long to schedule with Microsoft Shifts it’s time to switch to Soon.

Soon vs. MS Shifts

What Soon offers vs. Microsoft Shifts

Soon isn’t just a tool for communicating shifts. It’s a place where time flows between all your teams, tools, customers and partners—wherever and whenever you’re working.

More overview

One of the main functions of a schedule is to create a good overview of who is doing what during the day. In Shifts, it can be difficult to see this all in one view. You’ll see that Soon provides a clear overview of the week, what happens during the day and even on a specific shift.

Schedule faster

It takes 4 times the number of clicks on average to roll out a schedule Microsoft Shifts versus Soon. On top of that, it’s easy to create scheduling conflicts in Microsoft Shifts. You don’t get any conflict alerts that you do get in Soon. Finally, in Shifts, you have to remove someone from each shift on the schedule when you give time off. Soon does this for you with one click.

Advanced scheduling

Microsoft Shifts is a great place to start when you’ve outgrown your spreadsheet. When you reach the limits of the scheduling in MS Shifts, it’s time to make the switch to Soon. You may need a specific number of people to work based on your forecast. Or if you like to introduce self-scheduling. Or you have a hybrid team working from home and the office.

Better support

You cannot talk to anyone at Microsoft if you need help with your schedule in Shifts. There is only a support forum. At Soon, we’re here for you. You can talk with us through in-app chat, send an email, get a shared Slack channel or even have a personal video call.

Ongoing development

You may have noticed that Microsoft Shifts doesn’t change. Feature requests on the forum sometimes get answered. The roadmap doesn't seem to move forward. Whereas Soon is in continuous development. We love your feedback and roll out new features on a weekly basis.

Mobile first

While it is possible to access Shifts on your phone. The user interface is not optimised for mobile. That makes it hard to interact with your schedule on the go. Soon lets you do everything you need, no matter which device you use.


Soon integrates with your Microsoft ecosystem

Where Microsoft Shifts is an add-on to Teams. Soon is a standalone application that integrates with the rest of your ecosystem. It integrates with Outlook Calendar, which helps you spot conflicts in your schedule. You can use SSO with the Microsoft Identity Platform. And even use Soon inside Teams by adding it as an App from the Teams Store.

Sync your Outlook Calendar with Soon
Install Soon as native App in MS Teams
SSO & Access Provisioning with Microsoft Identity Platform
Microsoft integrations overview
Shift scheduling

Schedule without spreadsheets

Soon brings you a new approach to shift scheduling. We group shifts together in event cards. These help you find the best match between your employees and shifts. On top of that, they let your team communicate about things related to their shifts.

Customize your schedule
Improve employee experience
Get a better overview
Schedule faster
explore features
Soon event cards with people scheduled
intraday planning

Your window into your team’s daily activities

Get a clear visual overview of who’s doing what, and what’s coming up next. Make sure your team aligns their activities. Focus on the right things to do so team members aren’t over- or underworked. Soon workload gives you all this in one view.

Manage daily activities together
Distribute work across the team
Handle workload peaks without stress
Get real-time metrics on your operations
explore workload
Soon workload management board power-up
Time off tracking

Leave management that fits your workflow

Leave management enables efficient time-off management for your team. Create leave categories. Review and approve all your teams’ leave requests with ease.

Company wide view of who’s on leave
Automatically remove scheduled people from shifts
Communicate within leave requests
Create customs categories and approval flows
explore features
Leave product impression
new feature

AI-Powered and Automated Feedback Process for Your Team

Revolutionize the way you collect and analyze employee feedback. Using advanced artificial intelligence technology, you can now get comprehensive and insightful summaries of your team's feedback in real-time without time-consuming manual processes.

Implement a continuous automated feedback process
Get detailed and actionable AI-generated reports
Enhance communication and drive productivity
Foster trust with anonymous feedback options
Explore Soon Pulse
A user submitting a response on a Pulse question and seeing the AI day report being generated

How to switch from Microsoft Shifts to Soon

Upgrade your schedule from Shifts to Soon. We help you make the transition within a day.


Sign up

Create your team in a matter of minutes. It’s free to try for teams of any size.


Invite your coworkers

We recommend inviting your team to make it work. ;)


Pick up where you left off

Create and publish your schedule accurately and error-free in minutes.

Frequently asked questions

I’m interested in Soon, and have more questions.

I’m ready to see Soon in action. Can I get a demo?

Yes, of course! Book a meeting with us to set up a call. Tell us all about your team's needs so we can give you a personal demo.

Can I try Soon for free?

Yes, when you create a new Soon account, you get a free 30-day trial of the Soon Business plan.

Can I get help with the onboarding of my team?

For sure! We are happy to offer you our onboarding service completely free of charge.

Can I get help when migrating to Soon?

Yes. You can send us an export of your schedule in Microsoft Shifts. Then we help you create your schedule in Soon.

I have more questions. Can I speak to someone on the team?

Definitely! Get in touch with us.