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Our mission is to make it easy for any team to create their best schedule ever.


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Our story

We are a team with big dreams based in Europe, the Netherlands. Our approach in everything we do is and has always been with a very long term in mind. This is something you might not see very often in the fast world of tech startups. We believe in building strong partnerships with everyone we work with that are meant to last for decades. This goes for our customers, suppliers, as well as employees. Doing so is fundamental to everything else that follows.

For instance, if you want to use our product, we'll explore how we can be successful together. We genuinely want to understand your situation to make sure we are the right fit for your company since a collaboration will always be an investment of time from both ends. Time is the currency of Soon, and one you only run out of. Therefore we carefully select who we work with is as we believe that your success is our success and vice versa.

To this day, everything we have accomplished, we did our way. We are 100% bootstrapped, and we are damn proud of it. We obsess over our customers as we continue to hone our product to change with their needs.

Working closely with customer service and support teams has taught us a lot about how to interact with our clients. We take note on how to lift an issue out of your customers' hands and make it yours to solve. It inspires us to work alongside great companies who have mastered this art. Fun fact, we are extremely proud of our launching customer. Knab, an online bank - part of one of the largest financial institutions in the world - they are renowned for their excellent service, and we are happy to have them as our customer to this day. Β 

A final note to show how we are there when our customers need us. You can always reach us, you can call our founders at any time, no appointments required. We put our hearts, minds, and souls in the smallest acts, which we believe is the secret to our success.

Our mission

In a traditional system, scheduling is cluttered and complicated, rigid, business-first orientated, gives only information in a scattered manner, and is mostly build upon evolutionary thinking.
Soon scheduling is different; we are modern. Our mission is to make it easy for any team to create their best schedule ever.

We focus on human interaction. We believe scheduling can be easy and clear, customizable, and information to be centralized. We want to put people first, and we encourage collaboration and communication. We believe innovation can only be achieved by being revolutionary.

Our values

We are a team with a strong culture; we aim to be an enjoyable, creative, rewarding, and fun place to work. These are some of the values we live and work by. They are more than mere words. They provide us with guidance and a framework to make decisions as a company and individually.

1. Choose greatness

Even and especially when it’s the more difficult decision (product, people or customers) or will require more effort. It always pays off in the long run.

2. Consistency, accuracy and quality

How you do one thing is how you do everything. Details make the experience.

3. Openness is the key to growth and creativity

We are explorative and open to feedback, diverse ideas and cultures. This is how innovation happens.

4. Dare to venture

We take calculated risks and are not afraid to break new ground. We reflect, analyze, and learn from our failures then look forward.

5. Be intentional

with your time and resources. Think big and long term. Know where you are headed (and why). Every step we take is deliberate and builds towards a larger strategy.

6. Freedom

to work where and when you want. Our autonomy comes from taking responsibility and ownership.

7. Prioritize relentlessly

We understand that things are fluid and re-prioritize accordingly when things change. We work with a sense of urgency and make time for what is important.

8. Everyone has a voice

Speak up – we value your contribution. Take a stand. Hold space for others.

9. Teamwork makes the dream work

Lend a hand. Care personally. Support and inspire each other. We are united by a common purpose.

10. Stick with the climb for the view at the end

We are resilient, dedicated to the right work and solution-oriented. Gratitude fuels our resilience. We take time to acknowledge the wins and each other.

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