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Boost your team’s performance with the S.O.O.N. Method

Combine proven self-scheduling and workforce optimization techniques to ensure satisfaction for employees, customers, and employers alike.

S.O.O.N. Scheduling Method Periodic Table
4-phase approach

What is the S.O.O.N. Method?

The S.O.O.N. Method redefines how you manage your workforce. A hybrid approach that combines the best of self-scheduling and workforce optimization. The cycle consists of four phases. Each phase is designed to streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and foster a productive work environment.

phase 1

S – Standardize

First, establish the framework of shifts, including the number of people required and their roles. Use templates to set fixed schedules and include employees with fixed shifts. This step lays the foundation for the subsequent phases.

Create the recurring shift framework
Include employees with fixed shifts
Set coverage requirements per shift
Applying a week template with pre-set staffing needs and assigned team members.
Options to Claim Open Seats or Mark as Interested in My Schedule.
phase 2

O – Open

Next, let employees choose their shifts through self-scheduling to boost their job satisfaction and autonomy. Set a time window for when employees can submit their preferences. This process empowers employees and ensures their involvement in the scheduling process.

Enable self-scheduling and publish shifts
Allow employees to submit their shift preferences
Implement a time limit to drive prompt decisions
phase 3

O – Optimize

Then, use the auto-scheduler to create the final schedule, prioritizing compliance while considering employee preferences. Optimize towards your business goal such as maximum hours, balanced hours, or minimum costs. Planners can repeat this step as needed before finalizing and publishing the results.

Choose your optimization goal
Set rules to ensure compliance
Review and apply the optimized schedule
Auto-fill empty seats based on selected optimization goal and constraints.
Track required actions with Inbox.
phase 4

N – Nurture

Finally, manage changes from the published schedule to its execution. Soon helps employees cover and swap shifts, while planners handle changes using the auto-scheduler. Soon also supports payroll export, ensuring a smooth transition from planning to execution.

Handle unplanned leave and change requests
Adjust staffing levels to meet real-time needs
Approve timesheets and export to payroll

The Sooner, The Merrier

Transform your workforce management with the S.O.O.N. method. Here are the key benefits that await you:

Happy Employees

Employees feel valued when they can share their scheduling preferences and have them fairly considered by the auto-scheduler. This engagement leads to higher job satisfaction, increased productivity and retention, and reduced absenteeism.

Happy Customers

Satisfied and motivated employees provide superior service, enhancing the overall customer experience. Happy employees are more engaged and attentive, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Happy Employer

With happy employees and satisfied customers, businesses thrive. Improved morale and service quality lead to greater success, higher retention rates, and sustainable growth, creating a strong, successful organization.

use the soon Method

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in Soon's Auto-Scheduler, and have more questions.

What is Auto-Scheduling?

Soon Pulse is an AI-powered feature that allows you to collect and analyze feedback from your team through daily check-ins. It helps you to identify operational issues, track key performance indicators, and ensure employee wellbeing.

Is the auto-scheduler included in the price?

With Soon Pulse, you can create a 'Pulse', which is a question that you ask your employees to answer at the end of their shift. Employees answer this question then the AI report for that day is generated, giving you an easy to read executive summary.

What kind of questions can I ask with Soon Pulse?

You can use pre-built templates or create your own "Pulses" to gather targeted and relevant feedback from your team. The default version we launch with is "How was your day?", but you can ask any question that will give you valuable insights into your team's performance and wellbeing.

What AI technology is used, and do you use the latest models?

We utilize OpenAI’s GPT API for our AI technology, and we always strive to implement the latest models available. GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI. This powerful AI enables us to provide advanced natural language processing capabilities, enhancing the user experience and the quality of insights generated by our platform. By staying up to date with the latest models, we ensure that our users have access to the most cutting-edge AI technology.

Is Soon Pulse easy to use?

Yes! Soon Pulse is user-friendly and easy to set up. You can create your first Pulse within minutes and start collecting feedback from your team right away. The executive summary is also easy to read.

Can Soon Pulse help me improve my business?

Absolutely! Soon Pulse gives you new insights on your daily operations and opportunities to improve your business. You'll have a clear understanding of where things are going well and where improvements need to be made, so you can take action before problems escalate.

Is Soon Pulse secure?

Yes, Soon Pulse is secure. We take data privacy and security seriously and use the latest technology to keep your data safe. Your data is always encrypted and stored on secure servers.

How do I get started with Soon Pulse?

You can try Soon Pulse for free for 30 days! Simply sign up and start creating your first Pulse. It's that easy!