January 28, 2021
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The State of Customer Service in 2020

Mariya Ivanova
Digital Strategist, Soon

State of the Industry Annual Survey: Customer Service 2020

This past year has put us through a lot. A worldwide health crisis that is far from ending, and a probably even bigger economic crisis is just starting. In such a difficult time, businesses have to pay extra attention to their customers, especially their needs, to offer them the right support.

The good news is we’ve just released our State of Customer Service 2020 Report, which highlights the customer service trends you need to know!

Here is what we found out:

Our global survey focused on understanding how the customer service industry managed the pandemic, the biggest challenges, how happy employees are, and much more!

Increased workload & CSAT on target or higher

For almost 65% of the interviewed companies, the workload increased during the Covid-19 outbreak. What is far more interesting is that about 90% of confirmed that their CSAT was either on target or higher.

Employee happiness is crucial

2020 seems to be the year in which many companies focused on keeping their employees happier. Whether the pandemic “opened the eyes” of many businesses or in general, people realized that happy employees are as important as satisfied customers; we’ll never know. One thing is sure, and companies are finally ready to invest more in their employees.

Companies faced a lot of different challenges

Businesses face challenges all the time; that is, of course, old news; however, the challenges in 2020 were slightly different. One of the biggest challenges is Maintaining service levels, Agent turnover, Working from home, Implementing new technology, and much more.

Scheduling is an issue

For many companies, scheduling remains a big issue, and you’re probably not surprised. Considering all the challenges and difficulties that customer service teams had to face in 2020, it’s no wonder that planning is problematic.

Want to know more? Check the full report

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