Workload management

Mission control for your team's daily activities

Get the full picture of your team’s daily workload in real-time. Control capacity, schedule activities, and optimize coverage on an interval level.

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A lot happens, all the time

Always know what your team is working on, even when you're balancing dozens of activities at once. Keep activities on track and help your team get more done — all through one beautiful view.

A user scheduling an activity through the intraday management view
Work in harmony

Collaborate unlike you've ever done before

Provide your team with an engaging, intuitive, and in-person collaboration experience for managing daily activities together. Unleash your team's potential, boost productivity, and reduce idle time.

Find balance

Equally distribute work across the team

Make sure you don’t overwork some while others are bored. The right distribution of activities is key to a happy team and the healthy workplace you want to provide.

A user comparing capacity between employees within the intraday management view
A user setting required staffing values based on forecasted volumes
Handle volatility

Less stress through better preparation

Contact centers experience peaks and lows throughout the day. Overcome these difficult moments, allocate the right workforce to match the forecasted capacity needed.

Game plan

Execute changes on the fly

Rebalance work without the heavy lifting. Simply drag and drop activities to reassign and reschedule them across your team. Make sure your team gets the right work done at the right time.

A user rebalancing team activities through the intraday management view

Balance the workload and hit service level goals, together

Intraday management is an essential process to (re)balance the day's workload amongst the team to meet customer service expectations. With Soon, this can be achieved in an efficient and intuitive way that works for both your business and agents.

Staffing levels

Use your forecast to set the required number of people at exact time intervals per day. Indicators show the comparison required vs. scheduled people to display the activity staffing level at a glance.

Custom activities

Create custom activities that reflect your team’s daily needs, such as training, meeting assignments, and operational activities, such as phone, chat, e-mail handling, social media, and back-office.


Give your team members more freedom and responsibility. Nobody likes nor needs to be micromanaged. Self-scheduling enhances daily stand-ups and prevents unnecessary idle time.

Time tracking

Keep track of spent time per person and activity, so you get instant access to information that can help you manage your team more intelligently. Use powerful filtering options to narrow down results.

Daily summaries

Oversee the bigger picture by visualizing the sum of all your efforts per day in the board's week view. Uncover hidden opportunities to elevate your support operations to new heights.

Capacity insights

Track the scheduled, available, and required number of people over the day in an easy to follow graph. Detect any over and under-staffing and let your team make better decisions when rebalancing work.

workload features

Simple intraday scheduling software for everyone

Develop a better understanding of your team by gaining detailed insights into people and activities. Use the right tools to convey what needs to be done at any given time. Make your team nimble, loosely coupled and highly aligned.

Intuitive drag & drop
Custom activities
Breakdown by activity
Time exports
Powerful filtering
Self-scheduling options
Staffing levels
Employee capacity
Break scheduling
Coverage graph
Adaptive timezone
Capacity management
Activity notes
Smart time-picker
Update notifications
Staffing requirements

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