July 20, 2022
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Using SEO to Boost Customer Service

Now that customers are going digital, their expectations of businesses have drastically transformed based on their preferred platforms. In fact, Ecommerce News reports that the customer service standards of six out of ten consumers have risen, with the majority of consumers expecting fast and diverse communication options from businesses. In the Netherlands alone, Dutch consumers expect personalization and empathy from businesses as they contact their preferred businesses through telephone, email, and chat.

Aside from that, consumers are also expecting businesses to provide them with quality service through digital channels, like social media and websites. So if you want to give quality customer service on a digital scale, here’s how you can use SEO for your online channels:

Provide service/product pages on your website

If you want your target consumers to be interested in your offerings, then you should provide a separate page for your services or products.

While it may seem easier to list down everything in one go, HTMLGoodies explains that having separate pages allows you to integrate local keywords and provide descriptive content. These keywords will reel your target audience into your service/product pages, and content with relevant information about your offerings and background can then help you build a stronger relationship with them.

Publish relevant content for your customers

It can be challenging to rank in search engines and to make your customers happy at the same time, but you can accomplish both by providing useful content online.

Since it can be difficult to stand out from your competition online, Ayima demonstrates that you can gain results by combining both technology and talent in developing specialized content for your target audience. By getting smart insights from your website performance and customer data, you can provide your consumers with content that teaches them how to improve the quality of their lives through your offerings. Focus on making content regarding their common pain points, and you'll be able to gain website traffic and grateful customers.

Add important details to your FAQ section

Gaining smart insights about your consumers can really be great leverage since this helps you understand frequent questions and concerns that your consumers may have about your offerings.

These insights are particularly crucial as RankRanger discovered that Google is showing FAQ pages 5% more often. As such, your business needs to take this opportunity to use relevant keywords for your FAQ so that concerned customers can more easily find needed solutions. When these solutions are readily accessible through search engines, you're able to provide the speedy service that customers expect from businesses.

Maximize social media for engagement

Dutch and other European consumers prefer to chat with businesses through social media, so it’s crucial for your business to have a social media engagement strategy in place.

Since you’ll need all hands on deck, you can use Soon to collaborate with your team when it comes to engaging with consumers on social media. You can create shifts for individuals who are in charge of publishing posts with SEO strategies, like keyword hashtags or relevant social media content. Then, you can designate a team who can handle comments from individuals who will be able to find and comment on your content through these SEO-optimized posts.

Customers want quick yet personalized services from businesses. To address the rising expectations of consumers, you'll need to make use of SEO practices in your digital marketing strategy so that customers can quickly find the relevant content that they need.

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