January 19, 2024
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Introducing Soon's Auto-Scheduler: Revolutionizing Workforce Management

Olaf Jacobson
Founder & Business Development, Soon

Hey everyone, Olaf here from Soon. I'm thrilled to share some big news with our community. We've just launched our much-anticipated Auto-Scheduler, and I can't wait to give you a quick tour of this game-changing feature.

Our journey to this point has been driven by your feedback, making Auto-Scheduling the most requested feature since Soon's inception. So, without further ado, let's dive into the details.

Simplicity Meets Efficiency

The Auto-Scheduler is designed to make your scheduling process effortless. You'll find a new button in the app that kickstarts the scheduling. Here's a simple run-through:

  1. Selecting Events and People: Choose the events you need to staff and the team members you're considering for these events.
  2. Setting Constraints: These are the rules for the Auto-Scheduler to create the optimal schedule. You can toggle these on or off to fit your needs.
  3. Launching the Solver: In just a few seconds, the Auto-Scheduler fills shifts and provides a schedule for review. You can accept it or tweak it further.

Customization is Key

Customizing your schedule is crucial, and our Auto-Scheduler understands that. Here's how you can tailor it:

  • Setting Required Seats: Specify how many people you need per shift, at what times, and for which roles.
  • Ensuring Adequate Staffing: Check under settings to ensure you have enough team members.
  • Scheduling Beyond a Week: Our tool allows scheduling for weeks or months in advance using week templates to adjust staffing needs.
  • Optimization Goals: Currently, it fills schedules efficiently, but stay tuned for upcoming features like cost optimization!

Flexibility for Your Unique Needs

Flexibility is at the heart of Soon's Auto-Scheduler. Some highlights include:

  • Partial Scheduling: Choose to schedule only certain shifts or team members at a time.
  • Adjusting Constraints: If a constraint doesn't apply or is missing information, you can easily modify or disable it.

Your Feedback Drives Us

We've designed the Auto-Scheduler to be intuitive, even for newcomers to Soon. But your input is invaluable. If you have ideas for new constraints or any other feedback, we're all ears. We're committed to making Soon the best workforce management tool for you.

Excited? We are too! Dive into Soon and start exploring the Auto-Scheduler. Happy scheduling, and we're looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Video Transcript

0:00 Hey, today's the day you get to use auto scheduling and honestly we could not be more excited because this has been the number one thing people have been asking from us since we started soon so let's dive right in.

0:12 What you see here is a board with events and of course the goal is to add people to those events now you will see a new button here in the bottom that you can click to start the process we will go through it once and then we will dive into some more details so just follow along we go to the next step

0:31 here we select the events and then the people to consider for those events and finally the constraints so those are the rules we tell the auto-scheduler to keep in mind when making the perfect schedule for us so turn things on and off and do whatever makes sense and then start the solver you will

0:53 see it will only take a few seconds to make it and as you can see there were 74 shifts to fill so now we have done that and we can review it now you can accept if you just want this if you like it or you can decline if you want to start over or if you think you know better or just want to make some changes

1:16 by yourself you can also do that in this step so for now let's decline it

1:23 Alright, let's get into some details. So, the first thing you need to know is that in order to tell the auto-scheduler how many people we need on each shift, you go here and you set the required seats.

1:36 So, this is the number of people we need. At these times and on this day and with this role So you can use the roles or if you don't use a role then it means anyone can be considered for this particular shift So that's important to know otherwise the auto-scheduler doesn't know how many people we need

1:55 when and where Now the next thing of course is that we do have enough people so check here under settings and add more users if you need more people on this board you will also notice in the steps so if we go through the details and you know you're here at the point where you start selecting people if

2:14 you only see yourself then go to settings and add more people to your board alright so what you can do is also schedule not just one week but you can go many weeks, months even and you can then decide like okay this whole period when you do this week templates are your best friend so make a week template

2:35 of what you have and maybe a day adjust the required people if it fluctuates week by week but as you can see it's just with one click I can easily roll out many weeks in one go back to this we will be adding more optimisation goals as we go along so for now its just to fill the schedule but we will be

2:56 releasing cost optimisation and some other cool things in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that In this step as you already saw you can also when you have the entire schedule but you only want to schedule a portion of it you can deselect things and just say ok I only want to fill out these shifts

3:17 right now just so you know that's possible and the same is for the people so if you don't want your whole team or everyone on this board you can select certain people who you want to schedule so I hope that makes sense and finally if we go over the constraints you will notice here if something is missing

3:40 because the auto-scheduler will need some more information for it to work as we saw with the events so for instance for this particular rule the maximum number of working hours we need to know how many people how many hours someone can be working so if something is missing we will also check and let you

3:58 know so here you can see like hey actually if we want to use this rule we do need to set a value here so you will get this notification if you need to set something there so just do so and yeah do that for everyone and of course you can also do this if you go to the users page so you just go here users

4:20 and then you can set this for your whole team just go through it you do it once basically and then yeah you can use it forever same goes for the working days make sure that is all correct now what you can also do here is if you don't want to set this for every one or if it doesn't matter then what you

4:41 can just do is turn off this particular constraint so for instance the maximum working hours monthly we don't have that value just turn it off and then it will work yeah all the other constraints i hope kind of make sense you can just read it and we designed it in a way that from the first moment

5:00 that you use the auto-scheduler it should make sense if theres someone new on your team it should make sense if it doesn't you know just reach out to us you know where to find us ask us a question we will reply to you as soon as we can and we will also be adding more constraints in the And that's it.

5:17 Hope it all makes sense. We are very excited to hear your thoughts and If you have more constraints that you want, let us know We are here for you and happy scheduling

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