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Events in Soon let you create a schedule that exactly fits your team's needs.

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Start with what

Make shifts that exactly match how you work as a team

You create shifts to match the needs of your business. First, you define the times of your shifts. Then, you set the staffing levels to get the right number of people on each shift - based on your forecast. Next, you'll have all information at your fingertips to assign team members.

Select the best

Assign people to the shifts they prefer, without extra effort

The smart people picker shows you everything you need to select the best person for each shift. Information such as availability, role and possible conflicts help you make decisions easy. You no longer need any separate spreadsheets and shadow schedules.

Selecting people while creating a shift in Soon scheduling software
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ready for change

Let your team take care of issues with swap and cover

Reduce the burden on yourself and other managers. Give your team the freedom to exchange their shifts amongst themselves. Allow everyone to get the responsibility they deserve. It helps build trust and respect within the team.

the ultimate flow

Manage shifts by their status and know when you need to act

We've designed Soon around smart procedures to create the ultimate scheduling experience. Each shift has its own status to help you spot any issues that need your attention. This gives you quick insights into the general overview of your schedule.

A user rebalancing team activities through the intraday management view

Be confident that everyone is working the right shifts.

Scheduling is only the beginning. When the initial planning is ready, the next phase begins. Shifts have a status and notifications to keep you informed. This process guides you through the workforce management cycle. So you don't have to worry about shift management.

Required staffing

Set the right balance of available agents to match your forecast. Manage operational costs while you reach your service goals.

Role definitions

Make sure the correct skills are present at all times. Create custom roles for your team to add the right people on each shift.

Availability insights

Always know who can work when creating the schedule. Never guess, or ask your team about their availability while scheduling.

Attendance tracking

Get accurate data on hours worked to export for further processing, such as payroll. Close events when checked and let the event status help you along the way.

Colour coding

Simple, elegant and powerful. Colours help you identify shifts in the blink of an eye. They also make your schedule pretty. You can even use the same colours as your excel spreadsheet schedule.

Adherence Workflow

Observe commitment to the schedule to ensure the quality of your operations. Having a solid adherence process helps you stay on target.

shift features

Tactical Planning for your business

Win with great customer service operations. Make sure you always have enough people and the right skills available to your customers. Everything is in the right place at the right time.

Intuitive drag & drop
Descriptive titles
Time tracking
Status reports
Powerful filters
Self-scheduling options
Staffing requirements
Employee capacity
Break scheduling
Coverage graph
Timezone views
Hourly zoning
Activity notes
Smart time-picker
Email notifications
Shift Templates

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