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Customer Service


Use Intercom to be where your customers are. The integration with Soon helps agents adhere to their schedule, making sure your agents are online when your customers are.

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Customer Service

How Intercom works with Soon

  • Improve adherence to schedule, agents can see the activities they should work on
  • Agents can update their activity status directly from Intercom to Soon
  • Optimise collaboration with real-time overview for the whole team

Intercom, a better experience for customers and support teams

The most powerful Messenger for Customer Support

Intercom Messenger works alongside your existing support tools - such as Soon - making it an excellent choice for many customer service teams.

Automate an amazing customer experience

Create multichannel campaigns and optimize performance with Intercom’s Engagement Operating System..

Smart routing and lead qualification

Let your team focus on what they do best Intercom’s intelligent bots and routing rules to qualify and route your website visitors to the right people.

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