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Human Resources


intelliHR people analytics and HR software meet Soon workforce management. This combination streamlines the onboarding process and everything that follows when running your operations. Extended Leave requests in intelliHR automatically sync with Soon so you only have to approve it in one place.

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Human Resources

How intelliHR works with Soon

  • New employees created in intelliHR automatically generate a user in Soon
  • Extended Leave requests create leave requests in Soon
  • Approve Extended Leave to remove people from the schedule

intelliHR improves employee engagement. Boost your workforce Happiness at scale! 

Greater engagement and alignment with your awesome culture

Track your employee performance reviews and pull data into your HR analytics dashboard.

Measuring performance against company values

Identify gaps occurring in employee-versus-manager ratings, to enable your People and Culture team to develop strategies to improve these.

Easy-access hub for employee information and documents

Get a single source of truth platform for storing and accessing the organization’s employee documents.

Get started with Soon

Fully featured free 30-day trial | No credit card required | Free onboarding service

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