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Human Resources


With the integration of Humaans and Soon you can get rid of even more spreadsheets. This beautiful software combination is a match made in productivity heaven.

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Human Resources

How Humaans works with Soon

  • New employees created in Humaans automatically generate a user in Soon
  • Time Away requests in Humaans create Leave requests in Soon
  • Approved Leave in Soon deducts from Time Away balances in Humaans

Humaans is the fastest way to onboard and manage your staff. 

Organise employee data

You cannot run your company without people data – and spreadsheets are messy and insecure.

Stay informed

Alway know who’s leaving and joining your company. Are there any blockers? Don’t chase – let Humaans tell you at the right time.

Track leave

Whether people are working from home, sick or on holiday, get a holistic view to plan ahead.

Get started with Soon

Fully featured free 30-day trial | No credit card required | Free onboarding service

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