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A Soon employee scheduling board with shifts and workload
“A modern and great schedule tool”
"Very pleasant party to work with. They are easy to reach and the system has little to no downtime. It has saved us a lot of time as a company and it gives a good overview of gaps in your occupancy."
Alberto profile picture
Robin Steenman
Manager Customer Service
“Fast, effective team scheduling”
"We've been working with Soon for some time now and are very happy with it! The onboarding was easy and the maintenance is great."
Erik van Yperen
Erik van Yperen
Onboarding Manager
“Easy, fun & flexible shift management tool”
"The only product meeting our needs and at a good price. Easy to set up without the need to involve our IT department. We were up and running within 24 hours of selecting tool - and speed was crucial for us."
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Therese Arntsen
Head of Planning & Digital Supply Chain
“The best scheduling software”
"I fell in love with the software and can't think of a better way to manage my team. It's the smartest and easy-to-use tool for team scheduling and I've tried them all."
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Alberto Ingrassano
Project Manager Operation North Italy

Improve your customer satisfaction

Do you like waiting in a queue? Neither do your customers. NPS scores drop fast when people have to wait so don't let them. Make sure you have enough agents when it gets busy.

Cover the peaks

Peak hours on your inbound support channels are the most important to get right.

Stop losing business

The #1 reason for customer churn is a bad customer experience. No matter what industry you're in.

Increase brand loyalty

On the other hand, great customer service will set you apart from the competition and win customers for life.

Schedule shifts

When 9 to 5 is not an option

Create shifts and schedule agents to cover your opening hours. Soon let's you set the required number of people you need for each shift. There are several ways to make fill up the roster - from high control to maximum freedom.

Soon event cards with people scheduled
coming soon
Hourly zoning

Spend time where it matters most

Our intraday scheduling makes it easy to assign people on different channels. Start with the live channels such as Intercom, chat and phone lines. Then fill up the rest of the day with channels that have longer response times such as Zendesk tickets and email. Also schedule breaks to make sure there is always someone online.

Soon workload management board power-up
Leave management

Always have enough people

Don't get caught by surprise during the vacation season. Handle time-off requests in a structured system, keep it fair to keep your employees happy and avoid chaos when you come up short.

Leave product impression
new feature

AI-Powered and Automated Feedback Process for Your Team

Revolutionize the way you collect and analyze employee feedback. Using advanced artificial intelligence technology, you can now get comprehensive and insightful summaries of your team's feedback in real-time without time-consuming manual processes.

Implement a continuous automated feedback process
Get detailed and actionable AI-generated reports
Enhance communication and drive productivity
Foster trust with anonymous feedback options
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A user submitting a response on a Pulse question and seeing the AI day report being generated

Don't just take our word for it

Want to see what others say before you dive in? Here are just a few of the many people who have new scheduling superpowers.

Knab servicedesk manager headshot
"Soon drastically reduced the time spent on our planning process. The shift leaders are in total control, the team members appreciate the ease of use and management loves the improved collaboration and statistics at hand to drive the business."
Floris Wakka
Lead service| Knab
KvK manager headshot
"We wanted to give our employees the autonomy to schedule and organise themselves. Soon allowed us to empower our support team, and changed the way we were able to help our customers"
Linda Bode
Project Manager & Entrepreneur advice | kvk
Director at LYNX headshot
"Soon has simplified the effort to make a solid and well-organized schedule for LYNX. The different shifts of the various departments are clearly displayed, and the ease with which colleagues can view their schedule is a real improvement. The implementation of Soon was self-evident and flawless."
Tycho Schaaf
director | lynx
Female headshot TNW
"For event managers Soon simplistically allows you to schedule and communicate with staff/volunteers effectively and efficiently. No more nightmare excel spreadsheets."
Arlette Wisniewski
Senior Events manager | TNW
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effortless scheduling

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