March 17, 2023
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Introducing Soon Pulse: Revolutionizing Operations with AI-Generated Reports from Employee Feedback

Olaf Jacobson
Founder & Business Development, Soon

Amsterdam, Netherlands — 17 Mar 2023 — Soon, the pioneering workforce management company, has unveiled its cutting-edge AI-powered employee feedback product, Soon Pulse. Engineered to help businesses optimize their operations through real-time feedback, Soon Pulse is now available in open beta.

Why we entered the AI market

Like many others who got their hands on ChatGPT and the OpenAI Playground, we recognized the immense potential of AI technology and sought to integrate it into workforce management in unprecedented ways.

"Pulse was born from customer feedback, not merely from the desire to build something cool with this new technology. The tech has enabled us to surpass our initial expectations." Thomas Picauly, Lead Engineer, Soon. 

Bridging the Gap in WFM

Traditional WFM has primarily focused on optimizing operations through metrics. While these models have become increasingly sophisticated, they often overlook the invaluable insights offered by employees, the individuals actively engaged in the work. Soon Pulse is designed to address this blind spot efficiently.

"Workforce management has always centered on operational efficiency. Human input is currently the most neglected source of valuable feedback." Alessandro Cardinali, Founder, Soon. 

Soon Pulse seamlessly gathers feedback from your team at opportune moments, compiles the responses, and employs AI to generate an easily digestible report. The report not only highlights critical information but also offers recommendations for addressing flagged issues.

But that's just the beginning. Soon Pulse's continuous feedback loop can potentially increase employee retention by detecting early signs of burnout and boost morale by helping managers acknowledge exceptional team performance.

Key Benefits of Soon Pulse:

  • Real-time, comprehensive, and insightful feedback summaries
  • Streamlined, error-free feedback processes
  • Constant feedback loop to measure sentiment and feedback daily
  • Precise and current representation of your team's thoughts and experiences

Soon Pulse in Action

At the end of their shift, employees respond to a simple question with a brief message akin to a WhatsApp reply or short email. Once all responses are collected or the response deadline passes, the AI model analyzes the feedback and summarizes it into a comprehensive report for managers.

What Distinguishes Soon Pulse from Traditional Feedback Methods?

Soon Pulse offers an innovative approach to the long-standing challenge of collecting and analyzing employee feedback. Leveraging advanced NLP technology, manual and error-prone feedback processes are replaced with real-time, comprehensive, and insightful summaries. This automated process facilitates a continuous feedback loop, enabling daily assessment of sentiment and feedback. This frequent feedback delivers an accurate, up-to-date representation of your team's thoughts and experiences, yielding valuable insights that drive results.

Additional Information

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Pricing and Availability

Soon Pulse is currently available for all Soon customers in Beta at no extra cost. To learn more about Soon Pulse and its pricing, visit

About Soon

Soon is a forward-thinking workforce management startup that blends technology and human touch to create innovative solutions for businesses worldwide. Our mission is to empower companies to develop more efficient, engaged, and productive workforces, fostering growth and success for all. With Soon Pulse, we aim to make operational improvements more accessible and collaborative. Each member's involvement is vital to unlocking the full potential of this powerful feature throughout the entire WFM cycle.

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