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October 28, 2022
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7 tips to prepare your customer success team for Black Friday.

Taras Androsiuk
Digital Strategist, Soon


With the coming of Black Friday magic, it’s crucial to prepare for this period of time. Altogether, we have to focus on one goal — to deliver our best to stay on top in this competitive race. We have come up with 7 tips to prepare your customer success team for Black Friday.

Gather product updates

No matter what you are working on — E-commerce, SaaS or retail. Before Black Friday, you should collect all the information about the product. Your team should be aware of every single step by the development, marketing, and sales teams. Having information makes your life easier. You don’t need surprises on X-day. You can create the smoothest process for your work. Faster response time decreased waiting time, providing actual information. Feature, bugs, releases, product changes, complaints, share all the information with your team.

Schedule a meeting with your team

Update your team with all information you have at least 2 weeks before Black Friday. During this time, you can provide up-to-date information for your team. You have time to listen to questions, and suggestions and discuss the workflow together. As a customer success department, your superpower is to communicate. Use your expertise and knowledge to deliver your point of view internally. Reach out once again to other departments in case your team still has questions.

Plan shifts

Plan your schedule with some redundancy. Unexpected sick leave or accidents might happen. You should try to reduce all risks to pass this period without difficulties. We as workforce management software could help you with that.

Set expectations right

Inform your team it could be a challenging period with some overtime. Be transparent. Expect higher volumes than normal. It’s better to discuss all related topics before the start. Make sure your team is motivated, relaxed, and ready to be part of the product's success.

Share feedback, data, and reports

Be proactive with your team before and after Black Friday. Provide real-time data more often during this period. Feedback, sales revenue, churn rate. Your team must be aware of how important their work and team effort are. Make sure you select metrics to measure your success.

No pressure, more respect

Remember that the high work volume can overwhelm your team. Support them, and create a good environment with some extra breaks, lunches, or bonuses. Small things matter. To stay motivated you could create internal competition for your team. Keep in mind, that respect will create a strong relationship with your team.

Be a team all together

With all challenges you might have, communicate with other departments. React and adapt fast to circumstances to achieve your main goal. Be a team.


Today we are hearing about the customer-focus mindset. What does it mean? Having a strong customer success team could help your company to grow, reduce churn and get revenue. In case you’re investing in the customer department, you will receive returns for sure. There is no better way to hire the right people. Invest in them and they will provide more insights even than marketing reports.

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