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Changing working location hybrid team

Managing a hybrid team

Your team works from home on some days and comes to the office on other days. The concept is great, yet it is hard to have a robust workflow that empowers this hybrid work setup. At Soon, we know what it takes to create an efficient and connected schedule that makes hybrid work.


Single-use "Office Management" tool

Yet another tool with only one function

Remind people to tell where they'll be working

Make sure not too many come to the office

Rusty systems and frustrating manual workflows

With Soon

Integrated WFH schedule indicators

Schedule shifts and manage your office

Empower people to handle WFH in one click

Strike the right balance for office occupancy

Modern software with integrated workflows

"We want to have a baseline of colleagues in the office every day. At the same time, we have limited desks available. Every day it was a pain to manage this process until we started using the WFH feature in Soon.”
Floris Manager Service Desk
Floris Wakka
Lead Service | Knab
Be most effective

Schedule for productivity

Meetings are better in person. So is some work where you want to have that office buzz. At the same time, it's easier to "get in the zone" and stay in deep focus when working at home.

Assign who should work from home
Let your team self-schedule their WFH status
Get more done in both places!
Managing work from home by planner
boost your culture

Spend time with your colleagues

Let's face it, the best reason to go to the office is to bond with your team. See your office buddies in real-life. Give your eyes a break and have some real face-to-face time.

Know who's going to the office
Pick the days you feel like going
Tell your team in 5 seconds
Changing the work location and seeing which colleagues WFH
Manage office occupancy

Onboard new hires faster

New hires learn much faster when they're around experienced colleagues. Setting how many people should work at the office helps.

Check your WFH vs Office ratio
Balance how many should come in
Manage expectations
Statistic on how many people work from home vs the office

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