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“Soon and RIFF are a great match. It is an ambitious company with an international outlook and exciting tech. We love their short iteration cycles which makes the product better day by day.”
Ludo Raedts
Founding Partner, RIFF
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RIFF is a digital agency that provides custom solutions to their customers.
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RIFF is a multi-award winning digital marketing company with a strong Dutch backbone. They currently operate locally as well as internationally with offices in Amsterdam (Headquarter), Jakarta, Singapore and ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

RIFF is a trusted leading enterprise with more than three hundred colleagues. They have been collaborating with hundreds of organizations ranging from international enterprises to smaller companies that seek support in digital marketing and customer care services. RIFF provides customers with comprehensive digital marketing solutions for every stage of the customer digital journey.

The company has partnered up with innovative companies such as Google, Facebook and Salesforce. Due to their strong relationship with Google and Google’s need for more expertise in the region, RIFF expanded into APAC. With Indonesia being one of the prime markets in the region, RIFF decided to set-up a dedicated office in Jakarta.

Soon got involved with RIFF when the company needed a scheduling software for their engagement centre in Jakarta. This team consists of a large team of digital specialists who handle all customer care service 24/7, throughout different shifts to engage with customers contacting RIFF’s regional client from 3 different countries (Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore).

Soon, because..

RIFF’s engagement services consist of online customer support through phone, web, email, social media and Whatsapp for customer feedback in the form of questions, concerns and complaints. RIFF needs its team to be ready 24/7 in order to respond to customers’ needs expeditiously.

Scheduling hence becomes essential as the team constantly needs to have sufficient manpower at the ready to communicate with consumers through the different channels. This involves the following communication channels: Facebook, Instagram, Web forms, Email and Whatsapp.

With Soon, planners can seamlessly look into the availability of employees, while the employees can also effortlessly communicate with each other in regards to the shifts that they are assigned to. The international outlook of the app makes it distinct and straightforward for employees to utilise Soon’s scheduling software.

Continous flow

Soon is ideal for RIFF to keep track of when employees start and stop working. The scheduling tool also helps to meet the current and future demands of the web care team for RIFF. Soon greatly streamlines the process for planners to schedule employees for continuous shifts and ensures that there are always digital specialist available to respond to the requests or queries of the consumers. This helps the team to avoid interruptions or gaps in their customer service availability.

The software is flexible with regards to attendance and further adjustments to time slot. For example, if a RIFF employee has to work extra hours, the time can be easily adjusted specifically for that employee within the shift. Furthermore, employees can also communicate and apply for a day off or even a longer vacation period through Soon. The application will be processed through the app, with the approval of the managers.

Key aspects for RIFF's digital customer support

  • Easy to use – Soon is accessible from all places, at home, the office or on the go via our PWA (progressive web app)
  • Simple look – Soon has a modern, clear and simple look, which delights employees.
  • Employee availability – Team members of RIFF can set and update their availability for work.
  • Create own schedule – Soon is used to schedule employees of RIFF and well-organized for the shifts. The employees are free to schedule themselves, which saves time and loads of work for the managers.
  • Own time – Soon is designed in a way that each employee sees their schedule as it makes sense on their location. Soon has a standard outlook, but is designed for every customer in a logical way.
"We were looking for scheduling software for our Engagement team. Soon provided us with an effective and efficient software solution. That enables us to easily schedule employees 24/7 to help support consumers contacting our regional client in 3 different countries."
Indah Permata Sari
Manager Operations, RIFF

The next success story

Soon is a creation of our belief and commitment to “make better experiences”. We have vast experience with customer support centres, web care teams, order desks and conferences.

We are always looking for new opportunities to make a true impact. Do you run or work at an advanced thinking company? And want to level up your team experience through the way you are scheduling and managing your workforce? Let’s talk!

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