February 20, 2024
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Support Level Up: Revolutionizing Customer Service Training with AI

Olaf Jacobson
Founder & Business Development, Soon

Elevating Customer Support Skills through Customized AI Training

In today’s competitive landscape, where excellent customer service can differentiate a business, Soon introduces Support Level Up, a cutting-edge training module designed to elevate the skills of customer support agents. This initiative showcases our commitment to innovation and practical solutions, offering a unique, scenario-based training experience that leverages the latest in AI technology.

The Custom GPT Advantage in Support Level Up

Support Level Up is not just another training tool; it's a bespoke solution crafted by the innovative minds at Soon. This project illustrates our dedication to creating tools that not only engage but also significantly improve the capabilities of customer support teams.

Creating a Personalized Learning Journey

With its roots in custom GPT technology, Support Level Up offers an unparalleled interactive training experience. The platform stands out for its ability to simulate realistic customer service scenarios with an impressive voice function that closely mirrors human interaction. This approach ensures that agents are not merely learning to respond to queries but are engaging in meaningful conversations that build empathy and understanding.

Voice Interaction: A Leap Forward in Training

The voice functionality of Support Level Up sets a new standard in training realism. By incorporating voice interactions that mimic the inflections and nuances of real speech, agents gain the confidence and skills needed to manage live conversations effectively. This feature is particularly beneficial in preparing agents for the demands of phone-based support, where tone and clarity are crucial.

Leveraging Support Level Up for Maximum Impact

To make the most of Support Level Up, agents and trainers should consider the following strategies:

  • Customize Your Training Scenarios: Tailor the training to reflect the real challenges your team faces, making the learning experience more relevant and impactful.
  • Adjust the Difficulty Level: Cater the training intensity to match the agent's experience level, ensuring a challenging yet achievable learning curve.
  • Choose Your Communication Channel: Opt for training in phone, chat, or email formats to strengthen skills across all customer service platforms.

Expanding Your Training Toolkit

While Support Level Up represents a significant advancement in customer service training, it's part of a broader ecosystem of tools designed to enhance the performance and efficiency of customer support teams. For organizations looking to further expand their training capabilities, we recommend exploring the offerings from our friends at Solidroad. Their platform provides comprehensive training solutions that complement the scenario-based learning of Support Level Up, offering a holistic approach to developing a highly skilled customer service team.


Support Level Up by Soon marks a significant leap forward in customer service training, blending custom GPT technology with practical, interactive learning experiences. It's an essential tool for any customer support team looking to improve their service levels and prepare for the complexities of modern customer interactions.

As we continue to innovate and explore new ways to support the development of customer service professionals, we encourage teams to consider integrating Support Level Up into their training regimen. And for those seeking to further enhance their training programs, Solidroad offers a suite of solutions that perfectly complement the interactive and personalized training experience provided by Support Level Up.

Embrace the future of customer service training with Support Level Up, and take the next step in your team's development journey with Solidroad.

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